These exams are almost the same. I realise every night, how much I hate these periods and of course I’m also near to the crash of my nerves. There was so many things I had to do, that sometimes I couldn’t sleep. Actually, it was really a long time ago, that I slept enough. The next week will be similar: studying between exams. And after the last one, when people usually celebrate the end, I’m going to do some work. Of course those works should have been done for days or weeks ago. Hopefully the end is coming closer, Next week I should run everywhere because of some paperwork. I’ll hold a series marathon too. Than the movings into new rooms (hopefully I’m staying this time), and we’re getting ready to the renovation of the building. I think, the next semester will be more exhausting. Living with old-new classmates. How will it be with four of us? But, there are great news also. Finally I’ve started the main period of migrating the ECNET system, and it’s great. I really can’t belive, that everything is working like it should, it needs much less attention, than the older one, it had almost every week a breakdown, and the new one is working actually without warnings or errors. Of course it needs a lot of work, but it’s going to be great and I’m looking forward using it. Yeah, that should be ready by the time the registration period ends. Do You think, it’s a shame not to go to my brother’s prom, because I should be elsewhere? (Maybe if I arrive right to his prom night?) (Of course I don’t know why it isn’t hungarian..)