I Woke up at some minutes to 9. Peti was sleeping, ha skipped his lesson at 10. The first message I get was “pont pont vesszőcske”. I desperately looked up my calendar, but it was only Tuesday, not the april 1st. Then I checked the story of my revolution once again, whether it’s a new piece of it available is. Than suddenly I realised what that strange message asked me to do. (Yeah, it asked me to do something, as always. Than it came the spiritual support part of the day (Yes, I know that I’m very bad at this part.) Than I’ve decided to hide away (as I did yesterday, and will do tomorrow).

On the tram I was asked about my white horse, why I don’t use it between ELTE and EC. That revolution story is really great. I was just going through the Northern building of the campus, when I see, that the student card validation was almost empty, so I get a number. It was about 10 sec wait, so I was very happy. After it I occupied my hidden place and started working/writing homework and many other. There was a strange guy, who came to me, watched what I was doing, then he left with an (Y) sign. Some minutes later, some people was talking about Muse, than I had the idea: today is Muse’s day. I was just downloading a Muse discography in flac, than I saw that my mp4 player’s capacity is less than that discography, so I had to listen it in two parts. I think, it’s impossible, to find a genre for Muse, they mix the genres, and it’s great especially for those listeners, who has very various taste, like me.

While I was having lunch, at the market, the alarm of the building disturbed my meal for 10 secs. Than it stopped. I thought, it’s okay, nobody was running out or something like that. While the alarm was on, they sad something in the speaker, but it was impossible to catch that because of the alarm. The only thing I’ve noticed there, that the escalators stopped. When I get back to the university, somebody helped me to find out, why I’m invisible for the people around us. The idea is that they don’t think, that I’m there, so they think about me, that I’m some other guy.

How many times should I realise, that the impressions are available only for short time. I started writing this post 2 days before, and thought, that I will finish it later. I remember, that I had some ideas, how to finish this post and now it’s all gone. Next time I should write some keywords..