Sometimes I feel like I have to hide somewhere, think things again and so on or just to be out of sight. It could be really easy. So there are many places around, where You can have lunch or just a drink, there is a wide range of time intervals when You can be hungry. It should mean, that there is only a little chance, to have a known company, while You’re eating somewhere, sometime.

But the fact is, it’s not true. Today, I had lunch with a friend at a restaurant. It was a bit sooner, than the default lunchtime, so there was no crowd there. While I was sitting down, I heard my name. There were already eating two friends, and that’s not ower yet. While we were eating next to the cash desk, there were also two more known people, they were buying food, to take it away.

So it’s easy to tell, that it’s because the small world effect, but should it be so small. I mean, it’s okay, that you have 1 or maybe 2 friends there, but 5 seems to me a lot. Finally, it was not a “one in a lifetime” action, these numbers are often the same. So be always nice, there’s always someone watching you.