The summer is about to end, the nights are getting colder and colder, the people around me are also changing, but nothing special, just usual. I’ve realised again, that the thing, that I’m writing these posts in english, makes me more honest. And I’ve also realised, how stupid I am, again, like I did it several times before (as A said, I’m slow..). But let me begin, where I have left last time.

My summer was a bit disorganised, I mean I had several programs, but most of them was like a last-minute action, and they kicked each other, so I spent just a minimal time with my friends. There was a Summer University, here at ELTE, The Human Sciences and the IT Section was living here at EC and their presentations were at ELTE Lágymányos Campus. I was hanging around them (I mean B 🙂 ) that week. I’ve also spent some time on tours around Budapest, and visited some places with my family around Esztergom too. There was also an EC campaign trip to Prague and Bratislava, we had a great time there. I’ve missed this year the EC freshmen camp, so some of the freshmen are unknown for me.

Now I’m living at 321.EC again, because my flat is not ready to move in. (Okay, it’s ready for a long time, but its papers are not. So I’m living now here as a guest. I think (or I thought before) I will get Erasmus students for roommates, but I’m alone in a huge room (I’m almost certain, that there won’t be more of them). So I miss the company. I know, it’s hard to belive, but I miss the company, that’s why I’m never in my room (of course there are also other causes 🙂 ). At least some of You are able to imagine, that it’s bad, I need the company. First, it was R, who told me, that I’m gonna hate living alone (or with my brother, whatever..), than told me others the same. It was hard to belive for me too, but I can see clearly now, and I feel the same as A.

When I started writing this post, I had the inspiration for it, but now that’s gone, and I don’t know why. I could tell, that it disappeared when a friend told me, that the Internet Access of the EC is very weak, some of the students has connection, but most of them are offline. But I feel free, it’s not my problem anymore despite of the users find me every time. I should print an “I’m not the internet guy anymore” sign and put it on my door.

I’ve planned to write an other paragraph about my last days, but now I think I won’t, I will do it later. Yeah, I’ve liked it. 🙂