Yeah, I’m here again, I mean, today I realised again, that I have this blog, and it’s empty (at least it’s empty when I look only the last months). So I thought, why not, and decided to write something. My last post was about, huhh, dunno. I’ll look for it, what was it about, and summarize all the things shortly from that time I wrote that..

UPDATE: I’ve just read my last post.

There was the time, when the roommate-wanna-be Erasmus students arrived to Budapest, it was a thursday afternoon. E called me from EC, she had a problem, there was no key in the building for my room, somehow they’ve lost all of them, so why I don’t go back to EC and let them in. Then I told, that I won’t be there till next monday, so the guests should have gone to an other room. Then I’ve bought two copies of my room key, left them by E. Next day the maid made my other beds ready to move in, but the guests were so happy with their temporary room, that they asked not to move to me (they had an own bathroom, and some other cool stuff). So that’s the story, why I have a huge room alone 🙂 . And the story goes further..

Yeah, finally the time arrived, when my flat’s paperwork was finished, so I’ve left EC, and moved into my all new flat. I had 2 hard weeks. I got up at 6 am, worked from 7am to 3 pm, then moved to the flat, and worked (furniture, appliances and many other thing) there till 1-3 am, than I got back to EC for sleep. But that has ended, and 23.12.2011. I’ve moved into the flat. My brother lives also there, so I’m not alone, but he’s not the best company at all. The worst thing is, that it doesn’t matter for him, how messy is everything, he doesn’t have a need for order. I’m trying to make him better in it, but no hope by this time.

An other thing is, that I started working. The weird thing is, that I’ve applied for some jobs at once, and for two weeks, there were nothing, not calls, neither mails. After two weeks, that was like all of papers got to their place, and for a week, every day I’ve got at least one new invitation for a job. Okay, there were also slower places, because last week I’ve also get a new one,. Now I’m fully satisfied with my job, I’m working at IT Services Hungary Kft. as Application Administrator. That is the hungarian division of T-Systems International GmBH. I’m in the BMW Web Team. It has 5 members and we are operating many internet and intranet servers of BMW.