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Always look at the bright side

As it was heard in the music: “always look at the bright side of life” and as it is in the real life: always search for the bright side.. Yeah, you should search for it, because it’s usually hard to find, if there are any bright side of it.

There are so many misunderstanding around me, and people think mostly the worst possible interpretation. And of course I can’t except others, not to think the worst, because I do the same. If I see something, which can have very different meanings, than I also think about the worst case. It’s the human nature. I can hear also words, which can be about myself, but they can be about others also, but in one case, it means a positive thing, and in the other case, it’s negative. I got the worst possible meaning about myself, because it’s like me.

You can say, I’m not self-confident, but it’s not true. Self-confidention is a huge thing and it’s not clear, who is self-confident and who not. People usually can be self-confident in some actions, but in other activities they aren’t. The other cause of misunderstanding can be that I’m jealous, and I can feel more meaning behind the curtains, than it’s really there.

An other question is about people. If they are mentally the same, I mean, they think similar, they like the same, than why can they always misunderstand each other? I know, it sounds a bit like “Why can’t be everyone else like me?”, but I think , it’s a good one, and I never gonna understand it. Yeah, I never gonna understand many-many things. People are weird, including me..


I know my meme!

If you make a mistake, it,s like a black hole. It makes impossible for you to get out from the zone of mistakes. I’ve already realized it several times. Once I’ve decided to be in the middle of a good company, to be good friend with everyone else. It’s a bit weird, but I think I’ve done it well. Now and some years before, I had some very good friends. The problem is, that if you try to get a girlfriend from that company, it’s like to get out from the “best friends forever” state. Nobody will accept it because they used to be friends and they kinda like it this way. The other mistake is about jobs. I’ve accepted more quasi jobs, to help others make something better. I’ve much work in it, but I get almost nothing from it. And if you are thinking loudly about quitting, than it’s a good joke, but nothing more, as others think.

Why they don’t understand me? There’s a fact about me: I can’t express my feelings. (That is why I was named as “Érzéketlen tuskó”.) They think that I’m trying to be funny. Well, I have sometimes great comments, but I’m not so funny. It’s a bit better after some drink, but usually I’m very boring. (at least I have some self-critic about it) Other option is that I was too slow. By the way, if You read this sentence, ask me for a beer. And of course, after I’ve realized, that I’m late already, I don’t even think about fight, because they seem happy with each other and I’m not able to make any of them unhappy only because there is a chance, to be happier. Don’t comment about the beer, ask it in private. Of course, there is an other chance: to get somebody, who is unknown, but, it is not something, I can done. I,’s a bit weird to ask a foreign people like this.

If I turn back to the point of the title, it’s easy to find the right one. Yeah, forever alone.

Ps: I know it’s April 1st, but it’s not a fool..


I Woke up at some minutes to 9. Peti was sleeping, ha skipped his lesson at 10. The first message I get was “pont pont vesszőcske”. I desperately looked up my calendar, but it was only Tuesday, not the april 1st. Then I checked the story of my revolution once again, whether it’s a new piece of it available is. Than suddenly I realised what that strange message asked me to do. (Yeah, it asked me to do something, as always. Than it came the spiritual support part of the day (Yes, I know that I’m very bad at this part.) Than I’ve decided to hide away (as I did yesterday, and will do tomorrow).

On the tram I was asked about my white horse, why I don’t use it between ELTE and EC. That revolution story is really great. I was just going through the Northern building of the campus, when I see, that the student card validation was almost empty, so I get a number. It was about 10 sec wait, so I was very happy. After it I occupied my hidden place and started working/writing homework and many other. There was a strange guy, who came to me, watched what I was doing, then he left with an (Y) sign. Some minutes later, some people was talking about Muse, than I had the idea: today is Muse’s day. I was just downloading a Muse discography in flac, than I saw that my mp4 player’s capacity is less than that discography, so I had to listen it in two parts. I think, it’s impossible, to find a genre for Muse, they mix the genres, and it’s great especially for those listeners, who has very various taste, like me.

While I was having lunch, at the market, the alarm of the building disturbed my meal for 10 secs. Than it stopped. I thought, it’s okay, nobody was running out or something like that. While the alarm was on, they sad something in the speaker, but it was impossible to catch that because of the alarm. The only thing I’ve noticed there, that the escalators stopped. When I get back to the university, somebody helped me to find out, why I’m invisible for the people around us. The idea is that they don’t think, that I’m there, so they think about me, that I’m some other guy.

How many times should I realise, that the impressions are available only for short time. I started writing this post 2 days before, and thought, that I will finish it later. I remember, that I had some ideas, how to finish this post and now it’s all gone. Next time I should write some keywords..

codename: D7.000

Sometimes I realize, that I forgot about this “last corner of the runaway”. I feel like I have to hide, where no one can find me. The codename of this place D7.000 is. Actually, this place is not empty, there are lots of people here at certain times, but they don’t realize, that I’m also here. Other times, its the desert itself.

Travelling by train Citadella


This picture was taken at 14:14, and it’s not photoshopped. There is an other good fact about this place: There is an ELTE WiFi there. And one more: There were some people I know, but they also didn’t recognize me. It’s good to be invisible, just like at Wikinger.

This is a calm place, there are less problems, than being at the building area. They can’t catch me, so they solve their problem, whether it’s slower without me or not. The internet connection is fast and more stable than the ECNET, and it’s enough to repair that once a day, when I get there. There are less things to move because of the renovation, because they belive that I’m not there because I can’t. I kinda like this place. Wish there were some silent company.

Empty room

It’s a bit weird living in a room with 3 beds almost alone. I think I need a bit more crowd here, it’s too silent. Okay, sometimes A is here, but it’s getting more and more infrequent. I’ve seen B less than 10 times since december.

But things are changing. We’re gonna have 4 of us in this room theoretically. A says, if all of us are here, then he moves to NFK. We’ve lived already with Pi, but his place was almost always empty. He was living by his girlfriend. The 4th one is HP. Actually, it’s a question, whether he’s leaving the dorm or not, I don’t know yet. If he leaves, there will be somebody else. It can also happen, that I won’t be here next semester (okay, it won’t happen..).

Anyway, it will be fun! Looking forward..

I was at a housewarming party last night. Some of us visited the new sublet of K and Zs. They’re living in a lovely apartment next to Moszkva square. The new one has much more life, than the last one, and it’s environment is also better. The building looks older, but the apartment is newer, they’ll have great times there.

The first visitors of the party was the historians, but they gone in the evening, when we was arriving. It was a great fun. I’ve found out, that I can now made an inflatable bed useable very fast without feeling dizzy. While some of us was sleeping, we realised, that on of the sleeping ones is having birthday, then Zs. started to make a chocolate cake. It was about 3 am. Then I’ve left the party.

I wish K and Zs a very cheery life!


The security of the dorm was always a mess. Anybody can go in and out, almost nobody will be asked whether he should or shouldn’t be here. This time was it the same. Somebody has come in, gone into a room, which door was hidden, so nobody was able to see it, than he has taken 2 laptops.

There were rumours about a new secure entrance system, but the we have ran out of renovation money, so I don’t think so, that it would be any better solution for this problem nowdays. Usually things like this burglar makes these actions a bit faster, but not by us. Yeah, they want to repair so much things, but the main problems begin at the bottom of the building. A tiny rain makes the cellar underwater, but it doesn’t bother anybody.

The security cameras are old. Okay, that shouldn’t be a problem, but the VHS recorder working with them is also very old (the police officers look was crazy when they saw it), ti could be also work very well, but the maintenance is really bad. Or it’s simply nothing. I saw records from 2004, 2006, their quality was fine. now it’s useless, The tape writer head needs a setup at least, but it could also need a new head, and new tapes. And finally, it would be a good thing, if the timestamp can be seen on the record, now it’s turned off.

Week of registration

The week began with a conference about “how to teach the german language”. Of course I didn’t participate on it, but there were some needs. First of all, they weren’t able to connect the projector to the computer. There were only 3 problems of it. Firstly, the computer was set to have picture only on the built-in LCD. The VGA cable was connected to the output of the projector. And after they couldn’t make it work, they tried to modify the settings of the projector, and changed the RGB mode or something like that. Then I also tought them rapidly, how to use the video camera. I like our conferences, because most of them offers lunch, this time also. We visited the cafeteria of the Corvinus University – Public Administration Campus, the food was okay.

I had a class reunion (according to google translate: “osztálytalálkozó”=”wedding” :D) Wednesday evening. Some of them I haven’t seen since our graduation. It was nice to see them. We gathered at a Pub near Baross street. The pub was a bit crowded, the queue was longer than 10 minutes, but the service was perfect. We enjoyed ourselves very well, I hope I can get those images.. 🙂

Today I’ve visited my cousin, but it was not an ordinary visit. She’s about to graduate at a hairdresser school, and she needed a test subject, me. That’s the reason, why I have shorter hair. If you are about to have a really new hairstyle made by them, just ask me. Picture of me: coming soon!

First days

The new semester is about to begin. It needs always a lot of attention, having the right courses choosed. And also makes some trouble planning the new semester, and finishing the last one. There are some usual activities at EC too. And of course some bonuses. The fiberoptics internet connection is getting closer and closer, there are some movements by the UPC. I was asked to repair the computer of the French workshop. There were problems with it 2-3 months ago, and the reason of the malfunctions (yeah, actually I couldn’t turn it on) was physical damage. The chassis was deformed so much, that some parts didn’t have enough space to be built-in. Now i realized, that their “new” computer has also physical damages. The solution was a bit easier this time: I moved the computer and it worked perfectly. Now I’m going to give it back to them..

Computer, French Workshop

Computer, French Workshop

I’m also working on the ECNET migration, now I’m writing a web app to transfer the mailbox content fo a logged in user to the new mail server. There are a lot of IMAP libraries on the internet, but some of them is not open source and throws error, if the certificate of the server is invalid. Others are open source, but if you try to compile them, they have hundreds of errors. An other error (if I’m really into them 🙂 ) is assuming that I’m at home, because I haven’t blogged about my travel back to Budapest. There are some errors 😀 also in the new room assignment, there were used some rooms, what shouldn’t be, because they already have their owner. Now I think there aren’t any errors left for today, so let’s enjoy it! And remember: We are having an Anselmo Crew concert next thursday, it’s free! I’ll get the poster and post it here.

Being home

There are some things, what I don’t like while I’m here. The weekend begins always with a shopping trip. It needs a half day or more and of course it needs me too. The whole family tells me about their technical problems, and I have to solve them. My mother asks about my life in Budapest, although she asks it almost every day, and she usually has this question one more time, sometimes more. I’ve determined, that I lost some weight during the exam period, and they usually wants me to eat many times a day, but now it’s a bit different, I eat almost all the day. There are also some good things. I can play with our parrot, and the fiberoptics internet connection is much more faster, than the old ADSL line at EC. The end of the weekend is coming, and I’ll travel back tomorrow.