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Back again..

Yeah, I’m here again, I mean, today I realised again, that I have this blog, and it’s empty (at least it’s empty when I look only the last months). So I thought, why not, and decided to write something. My last post was about, huhh, dunno. I’ll look for it, what was it about, and summarize all the things shortly from that time I wrote that..

UPDATE: I’ve just read my last post.

There was the time, when the roommate-wanna-be Erasmus students arrived to Budapest, it was a thursday afternoon. E called me from EC, she had a problem, there was no key in the building for my room, somehow they’ve lost all of them, so why I don’t go back to EC and let them in. Then I told, that I won’t be there till next monday, so the guests should have gone to an other room. Then I’ve bought two copies of my room key, left them by E. Next day the maid made my other beds ready to move in, but the guests were so happy with their temporary room, that they asked not to move to me (they had an own bathroom, and some other cool stuff). So that’s the story, why I have a huge room alone 🙂 . And the story goes further..

Yeah, finally the time arrived, when my flat’s paperwork was finished, so I’ve left EC, and moved into my all new flat. I had 2 hard weeks. I got up at 6 am, worked from 7am to 3 pm, then moved to the flat, and worked (furniture, appliances and many other thing) there till 1-3 am, than I got back to EC for sleep. But that has ended, and 23.12.2011. I’ve moved into the flat. My brother lives also there, so I’m not alone, but he’s not the best company at all. The worst thing is, that it doesn’t matter for him, how messy is everything, he doesn’t have a need for order. I’m trying to make him better in it, but no hope by this time.

An other thing is, that I started working. The weird thing is, that I’ve applied for some jobs at once, and for two weeks, there were nothing, not calls, neither mails. After two weeks, that was like all of papers got to their place, and for a week, every day I’ve got at least one new invitation for a job. Okay, there were also slower places, because last week I’ve also get a new one,. Now I’m fully satisfied with my job, I’m working at IT Services Hungary Kft. as Application Administrator. That is the hungarian division of T-Systems International GmBH. I’m in the BMW Web Team. It has 5 members and we are operating many internet and intranet servers of BMW.

Long time no see..

The summer is about to end, the nights are getting colder and colder, the people around me are also changing, but nothing special, just usual. I’ve realised again, that the thing, that I’m writing these posts in english, makes me more honest. And I’ve also realised, how stupid I am, again, like I did it several times before (as A said, I’m slow..). But let me begin, where I have left last time.

My summer was a bit disorganised, I mean I had several programs, but most of them was like a last-minute action, and they kicked each other, so I spent just a minimal time with my friends. There was a Summer University, here at ELTE, The Human Sciences and the IT Section was living here at EC and their presentations were at ELTE Lágymányos Campus. I was hanging around them (I mean B 🙂 ) that week. I’ve also spent some time on tours around Budapest, and visited some places with my family around Esztergom too. There was also an EC campaign trip to Prague and Bratislava, we had a great time there. I’ve missed this year the EC freshmen camp, so some of the freshmen are unknown for me.

Now I’m living at 321.EC again, because my flat is not ready to move in. (Okay, it’s ready for a long time, but its papers are not. So I’m living now here as a guest. I think (or I thought before) I will get Erasmus students for roommates, but I’m alone in a huge room (I’m almost certain, that there won’t be more of them). So I miss the company. I know, it’s hard to belive, but I miss the company, that’s why I’m never in my room (of course there are also other causes 🙂 ). At least some of You are able to imagine, that it’s bad, I need the company. First, it was R, who told me, that I’m gonna hate living alone (or with my brother, whatever..), than told me others the same. It was hard to belive for me too, but I can see clearly now, and I feel the same as A.

When I started writing this post, I had the inspiration for it, but now that’s gone, and I don’t know why. I could tell, that it disappeared when a friend told me, that the Internet Access of the EC is very weak, some of the students has connection, but most of them are offline. But I feel free, it’s not my problem anymore despite of the users find me every time. I should print an “I’m not the internet guy anymore” sign and put it on my door.

I’ve planned to write an other paragraph about my last days, but now I think I won’t, I will do it later. Yeah, I’ve liked it. 🙂

The summer is here!

It’s a bit weird, writing a post with this title, while I’m travelling to home by train, and there is a storm out there, but it’s totally okay, if you think about the storm signals of the lake Balaton. Anyway, the summer is here, it’s the beginning of june, and the highest temperature of the day is over 30 degrees every day. Sadly, we can feel it in my room to, that’s the worst part of the highest floor.

The summer is a bit more different from the other seasons, the university is also has a break, most of the mates are going home, so it’s time to find roommates for the summer too. The main program of my summer is to find a job, and a place to live.

Finding a job is a bit slow, because the answers are slower than the usual. I thought, that I am the one, who answers the mails slowly, but now I see, that I am really fast. It,s okay, that some of these mails are needed to go through more people, but they are slower than they could be because this reason. The other bad part is that I should wait for answers from some places before I can find others.

Last weekend was a bit crazy in the dorm, because almost all of the students tought, that they have to go home, because there won’t be electricity in the building. Yeah, that was the plan of the incompetents, but the electricity service provider said, that this plan is impossible, so the big ‘power down of the building will be on next friday. So last weekend was a bit weird, the dorm was empty. That was the time, when I’ve realised again, how bad is to live alone. So it’s planned also to find someone to live with.

Moving to my new room

It’s finished. Finally I feel, that the my room is able to live in it. Most of the renovation works are also done, almost everything is cleaned and functional. I gathered also some of my stuff from the server room to here. My roommate is a bit slower at the “making a home from a room” thing, as You can see.

The room is ready

The room is ready

My new room is the 317. It’s a larger one, one of the two rooms having two windows.

My windows

My windows

The windows are facing South, we have a wonderful view to South-Buda.

View of South-Buda

View of South-Buda

It is a room for three people, but it has not been finished yet, so we can not use the whole room, that’s why we are living there two of us. I have my double bed again, and B has a single bed. As it is usual for him, he rarely use his bed to sleep, its first use case is to hold things higher than the floor, but he says, it will be better in this room, than the last one.

The sound system is working, I tried it yesterday, while I was listening to Knights Of Cydonia, we were able to feel the horses on the furniture. The projector is also ready to use, we used it for the Champions League Final last time. The kitchen corner was used everyday, after moving, I cleaned it. And the smell of the room is already breathable. It had constantly the just paint smell, but now it has the fragrance of the washed clothes.

Is it possible to get away?

Sometimes I feel like I have to hide somewhere, think things again and so on or just to be out of sight. It could be really easy. So there are many places around, where You can have lunch or just a drink, there is a wide range of time intervals when You can be hungry. It should mean, that there is only a little chance, to have a known company, while You’re eating somewhere, sometime.

But the fact is, it’s not true. Today, I had lunch with a friend at a restaurant. It was a bit sooner, than the default lunchtime, so there was no crowd there. While I was sitting down, I heard my name. There were already eating two friends, and that’s not ower yet. While we were eating next to the cash desk, there were also two more known people, they were buying food, to take it away.

So it’s easy to tell, that it’s because the small world effect, but should it be so small. I mean, it’s okay, that you have 1 or maybe 2 friends there, but 5 seems to me a lot. Finally, it was not a “one in a lifetime” action, these numbers are often the same. So be always nice, there’s always someone watching you.

Alternative content, just for fun

I know that my blog is a bit demotivating, and depressing, so I made an alternative version of it for Hungarians:

Click here for the alternative version of the homepage of the blog from 17-05-2011.

An other funny thing is the Karinthylizátor, especially for Hungarians too. (google is your friend and wiki is your girlfriend..)

Have I ever mentioned..

Have I ever mentioned, how can I hate, when I write about some bad feelings, and the reasons of them, than one of the first comments is written by one of the causes, asking about exact names, doing this like he/she doesn’t know, that he/she is the reason..

It’s time!

I was thinking about leaving EC, but I never ever had a feeling, that exceeds my tolerance. Never ever before. Now, this is the time, where I should end this.

I!’m just an ordinary student, my highest qualification is grammar school. I’m working officially as a system administrator. Okay, it’s not so official.. (I don’t have any paper about what should I do, what services should my system offer, and what should I get for my work. I know, I know, it’s not official at all. It’s absolutely okay, that they can not provide a valid contract for me, but they didn’t want to provide me anything. On the other side, they makes me huge number of jobs, jobs, that are usually should be done by other workers, not by the administrator..

These days, I was sitting many hours by other workers, because they are not able to do their job. Anybody, why do we have workers, who are not able to do their jobs? Another question: Why should I be able to do their jobs? I’m asking this, while I know, that they have some instructions, how to do, what they can’t, but I don’t have those.

Of course You may ask, why I am doing this, why I don’t say a word about it. The answer is simple: I’m there just because I serve them, and they don’t know, that they are not able to replace my ordinary work too.

It’s already time to change. Find a paid job, a sublet (because I won’t get a dorm, and it’s also time to start fully looking around myself), and feel that I get more money than I spend. I know, I’ll be lonely (forever alone.. ha-ha..), but I won’t be far away, not yet. I think it would be much better. Working/living here is kinda makes me sick and tired. I will get over it.

So let’s not see the pros and cons about this situation, and the planned future, I won’t write it. If You have time to make this part, leave it here as a comment.


I don’t know whether You read it or not, but it’s just for You.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.. (I should write more, but it’s not my style, and now I can say, that those were written without copy-pastes) I know it’s fucked up, but we can survive. It’s not easy for me too and others got false words too, and finally A has got also a mystery. I hope You are not angry, and think about Me just like You did before this incident.

Please don’t blame me.